Connect Society volunteers play a valuable role in helping to strengthen individuals and families affected by hearing loss. 

Current Volunteer opportunities

Early Childhood Services (ECS) values the service provided by volunteers in our preschool program.  Volunteers help to enrich the language and developmental programming for young children who have hearing losses and/or deaf parents.  The program has an emphasis on language acquisition and has opportunities to work with children using an array of communication methods (spoken language, American Sign Language (ASL), sign assist). The preschool program operates Monday through Thursday 9:00 – 2:00 and welcomes volunteers during this time. If you enjoy working with young children this volunteer opportunity may be right for you.

Connect Society’s Family Literacy Library provides both books for young children and resources for families.  Volunteers are needed for general library duties and upkeep of the library space.  Volunteers may also assist preschool children in choosing books during library time.  If you enjoy organization and interacting with children and staff, volunteering in our library might be right for you.

The Early Intervention and Family Literacy Programs at Connect Society utilizes volunteers in weekly registered programs for children 0 – 5 years and their parents/care-givers.  These programs encourage language and literacy development through music, books, rhymes and activities.  American Sign Language (ASL) skills or an interest in learning ASL would be an asset to these programs. If you enjoy working with small children and their families, volunteering in registered programs may be right for you.

Become a Board Member.  Connect Society is led by a policy-governing board of directors who provide strategic leadership by ensuring policies are in place which meet service, legal and funding requirements.  If you would like more information on how to become a board member at Connect Society please contact the volunteer coordinator.

How do I become a volunteer at Connect Society?

If you are interested in volunteering at Connect Society please contact us for more information.  An application form is available for you to print here.  Please fax, email, mail or drop it off at Connect Society. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Connect Society may have other volunteer opportunities in the future working with youth, families and adults with developmental disabilities.  If you are interested in these opportunities and would like to be informed of these volunteer opportunities, please contact the volunteer coordinator.